ĐAO Universe

A new way of social coordination to reach mutual investment goal. Participate in the future of Finance!

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UNIDAO is set of community driven decentralized organizations aiming to create a vehicle of collective investment, leveraging DeFi ecosystem. Each DAO from UNIDAO set has its unique properties to suit contributors with different risk profiles.

  • Transparent

    All actions and transactions are recorded on Ethereum blockchain with full accountability

  • Trust minimized

    All activities of organizations are distributed or delegated away from central, authoritative location or group

  • Community governed

    Every participant can participate in the decision making process

  • Interoperable

    Ability to interact with any Dapp out of DeFi ecosystem


Possible investment opportunities are limitless within DeFi ecosystem. Hedging with stablecoins, lending out to earn interest, swapping between assets and providing liquidity, leveraging assets

  • Aragon
  • Uniswap
  • Compound Finance
  • Maker DAO
  • DeversiFi
  • Kyber Network